Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thunder in Hollywood Ashton Kutcher have a sextape?!Brittney Jones exposed in new Vivid sextape with Ashton Kutcher

New Celebrity Scandal in Hollywood.Ashton Kutcher and Brittney Jones exposed in new sextape - Vivid Released!!

Brittney Jones who claims to have had an affair with Ashton Kutcher is releasing a raunchy sex tape.
The nonsense for one of Hollywood’s hottest couples, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher just does not seem to disappear. It turns out that the alleged mistress of Kutcher, Brittney Jones, has found a way to cash in on her bullshit rumors.
After Brittney Jones went on a rampage of wild claims, she has now been approached by a certain adult movie company. It looks like the rumor that her and Ashton Kutcher had sex after bowling has finally paid off. While I am unaware of the amount
of money that Brittney Jones received for her personal adult tape, I am sure it was a pretty penny. All I can say is that Jones better save every dime that she makes off of this video because Demi Moore and Ashton are definitely going to come at her with some legal heat.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stacey Dash nude sex scene from Illegal in Blue

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In the erotic thriller Illegal in Blue, Chris Morgan (Dan Gauthier) is a young policeman who confronts the harsh reality that he must compromise his ideals to get along in the world of moral ambiguity. When police officers split a large sum of confiscated illegal gambling money among themselves, Morgan It is reported in internal affairs. He starts receiving death threats, and the Police Department suspended him without pay. Morgan Steamy novel begins with a stunning nightclub singer, Kari Truitt (Stacey Dash), whose husband was found murdered. Suspension rises Morgan, and he returned to the police department to face open hostility from officers who want him to soften his testimony against the policemen who split the money game. In addition, he is drawn into the murder investigation, where his new love, the main suspect, and he soon finds that he must make some difficult decisions. Well-integrated musical score, Moody shots of the night city, and lyrical love scenes will help make illegal in Blue somewhat better than many similar low-budget efforts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

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It's already been proven that races don't scientifically exist to begin with. We're Stacey Dash naked - all African, we all originated in Africa. The fact that we've been split up into different groups even though we all look the freaking same is idiotic.

All humans look alike.

That's not true. There is no scientific 'fact' that races don't exist, just an opinion some scientists hold that races are a man-made construct. I don't agree; all breeds of dogs are the same species, for example, but they certainly don't share the same characteristics. They are different subspecies (i.e. races).

Ok, let's look at it this way: Technically, we're all dogs. We're all Daschunds, if you will. Some of us are white Daschunds, some of us are black Daschunds. Some of us Daschunds have bigger eyes than others, longer fur than other Daschunds.


It's been scientifically proven that there can be more genetic differences between people of "the same race" than there are in people of "different races". Race didn't come into play until the 18th century as a justification for slavery and controlling other people. Before then the "sub-species", as you put it Stacey Dash playboy, was based on religious, ethnic, and economic differences. Yes there are varying characteristics but it can't accurately be categorized by race when the characteristics differ within and across races. Dogs are classified by their size, temperament, and physical attributes. What would be the classifications of race among humans?

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People have to disect their ethnicity or background to try to find some european/other link? It is almost as if people cannot believe that a Black woman can be just that: Black and good looking, which many are by the way. Stop believeing the western standard of beauty is the only one. There are drop dead gorgeous women from all over the world gallery that you will never see on your tv screens or magazines because they dont conform to the western ideal.

Yes Stacey Dash has delicate nude features but this is not exclusive to europeans. My mother is a very light skinned Black woman like Rhianna and she is 100% African with no mix in her whatsoever. My father is dark skinned with very delicate features and again 100% Black African.In Africa Eritraens,Somalians and people from the Fulani tribe and some others have delicate features.Black people are incredibly diverse in terms of looks,I wish people would stop being so ignorant.

Yes Stacey Dash has some gallery mixture in her but she still has chocolate brown skin, she is still a Black woman. Yet some of you(usually white people) will go on and on about about where the euro/Aztec link is, in other words she's too pretty, she cannot just be a Black woman, there must be something else there.If you think Im exagerrating check out every good looking Black actress's board that you can think of and its the same story all over again. Yet people never try to dissect the ethnicity of white celebrities to find out what "other" mix is in there that makes them physically attractive. Cameron Diaz has latin blood in her but do people ever talk about that? no. Orlando Bloom has Bengali in him somewhere down the line but is that ever mentioned? So why is it that when a Black actress is good looking people want to find out how she got to be so good looking yet people dont this with white actresses?